Do you have an upcoming shoot? Looking for an experienced camera crew based out of the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area?  (Or maybe you’re in the greater Triangle or Triad Area?)  Billum Video is available at a moment’s notice for your on-location video production needs.  Our Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Camera crew works with all of the latest video and camera equipment, and can bring a crew as large or small as you require.  Give us a call and we can quote you on everything from a simple one-camera shoot to camera plus sound to a multi-camera shoot requiring a full crew.

Bill Jensen, genius behind Billum Video, has over 25 years experience.  Whether you’re looking for raw footage or need some editing done as well, the Billum Video camera crew can help you tell your story.

Contact us today to see whether Billum Video is the right fit for your Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill camera crew needs.

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