Billum Video on the set of "The Choice"

Billum Video on the set of “The Choice”

Billum Video uses the most up to date equipment on the market so regardless of your format or digital capture needs we have the right piece for you. We provide a full array of production gear.  And the gear is kept in immaculate condition so a shoot doesn’t wait because a tripod plate is missing a screw.  It’s all part of our commitment to assuring our clients are proud of the footage when they are sitting in an edit bay or production truck assembling their story.

Billum Video’s most popular equipment includes:

Sony PMWF5 CineAlta 4K
Sony PDW 700 XDHDCam
Sony A7 MII

DJI Osmo camera

Odyssey 7q+


ARRI Tungsten
Astra 6x  LED’

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